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    Wallpaper Rules

    • NSFW images are not allowed. NSFW Walls go here.
      (Not that NSFW? /r/gmbwallpapers might be what you want. )
      (NSFW text? /r/Offensive_Wallpapers is probably where you need to be.)

    • Limit of 25 images to a dump.

    • Images MUST be at least 1024 wide by 768 high.

    • Here's your warning: Break one of these three, win a free ban.

    Info & Suggestions

    • Have a request? Try the cleverly named /r/wallpaperrequests! A more general image request? /r/PhotoshopRequest might be what you're looking for.

    • Want to download an Imgur album? Imgur Downloader is a painless way to do it.

    • Direct image links are preferred.

    • People like knowing what they're getting without wasting clicks: please, put the resolution in your post title.

    • Linking to Flickr? Please be considerate and link directly to the large(est) version of the image.

    • If you want to browse using large thumbnails, reddpics and Panoptikos and redditjs are options.

    • /u/Ugleh has a customizable wallpaper changer for your computer! If you're interested, click here. It is presented without warranty.

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